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      13600 BROOKPARK RD
      Cleveland , OH 44135

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See how the Lexus RX 350 was made with you in mind.  The Lexus ES 350, Designed to make every moment as remarkable as the first.  Head over here to Metro Lexus and get a head start of the Lexus Lease Specials for Summer!

Metro Lexus, one of Ohio’s leading Lexus dealers, is exuberant to bring you the latest from Lexus, the Lexus Lease Specials.  These special deals are brought to you by Lexus through your local Lexus dealers around the country.

Ohio Lexus dealers like Metro Lexus offer some of the lowest monthly Lexus leases on Lexus RX, Lexus IS, Lexus ES, and Lexus HS.  The Lexus Lease Specials for the Lexus IS, Lexus HS, Lexus ES, and Lexus RX

These special deals on the Lexus leases of Lexus RX 350, Lexus IS 250, Lexus ES 350, and Lexus HS 250 are on a limited time offer.

Come over and drive home your favorite Lexus now, while it is on special deals