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      13600 BROOKPARK RD
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      13600 BROOKPARK RD
      Cleveland , OH 44135

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This car is wonderful to drive and beautiful to look at! I'm so glad we "accidently" test drove a used RX300 at the Toyota dealership across the street from you!
Roger R. Wakeman Ohio
On a personal note, I chose Metro Lexus for the quality, value and service you provide. Your company exemplifies customer satisfaction. As a service oriented business owner myself, I would like to model my company after the example Metro has provided. Metro strives to provide excellent customer satisfaction and goes out of their way to make sure their customers are treated in a manner that makes them feel valued, which is one of the reasons for my return. From the pick-up and delivery service to the loaner car program, I can always count on Metro to have a hassle free service experience.
I believe that most cars from many manufacturers provide many comparative options and qualities. In that sense most customers can't really distinguish what is the ultimate result to pick a certain brand and what car at first. However, Mo's kind actions over three month show me enough why Lexus stands out from other car bands. One dealership's simple act can make a huge different to single customer like me and eventually Lexus can have many royal customers that return to buy another car from time to time. Rather than so many paper and TV advertisements, one dealership extra care can return Lexus' investment better. I am sure I will be saying what great services I received from Lexus Metro dealership are.
I'd like to state that it was more than a pleasant experience to find an automobile dealership that strives to put the customer first instead of the dollar. I'm so glad we gave Lexus another chance since my husband and I had been treated inappropriately in the past -in 1992 when we shopped for a vehicle. Because we were ignored and asked, "Did we know the price of the Lexus? (as if we looked like we couldn't afford it), it left a bad taste in our mouth about returning for another vehicle. Little did the Lexus Dealership on Lorain in North Olmsted know at that time in 1992, that we could have purchased 50 cars and paid cash for each of them. If it were not for Richard Roy's excellent customer service we would have ended up going back to the Acura dealership where we purchased a vehicle in 1992. Richard met our expectations and then some. We have been enjoying our Lexus and will recommend the Dealership to our friends and relatives.
My wife, daughter and I have all been pleased with our new Lexus RX400h. To be honest, it is far nicer than any car that I have previously owned, so I have felt self-indulgent for the past two weeks. However, my daughter and I traveled to Detroit this past weekend, and the comfort of the car (not to mention the DVD player) helped to make it one of the most enjoyable trips that we have taken together. Thank you for your courtesy and professionalism. We hope to have the car in our family for a long time.

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